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Exploring the missional possibilities of the sacramental life, Blessēd  characterises itself as outrageously Incarnational, rabidly Anglocatholic and wildly inclusive. We seek to find an encounter with God through Eucharist, Oil, Water, Penitence and Grace which transcends denominational labels and tired, static liturgy in a multimedia engagement with the Divine. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

God cannot be pinned down: either captured between the pages of your little book or the limits of your imagination. Yet we sense deep within ourselves that He yearns to reach out to us and all of creation; making himself known through signs and symbols, through music and ritual, through worship and prayer, through stillness and through the roar of the crowd, the quietness of meditation and the jarring of confrontation. God is in all these and more.

Blessēd have been trying for the best part of a decade to explore the edge of where God and his created world meet: to rediscover a sacramental life in the sign and symbol of the ancient Church and proclaim it in new and radical ways: to push the boundaries of the Church’s heritage into an engagement with the modern world. Deeply traditional, and yet wildly iconoclastic and rabidly Inclusive, Blessēd offers worship which both confronts and comforts, challenges and seeks to connect us with an ancient sacramental heritage using multimedia and ritual, video and action, incense, scripture and music.

Greenbelt, 2013